Reuse Proposals

Former City officials, leading experts, and architects in Chicago have unveiled a series of reuse alternatives for historic Prentice Women’s Hospital. Each proposal accommodates Northwestern’s space and facilities needs through a combination of new construction for medical research and the reuse of Prentice as a support facility. This approach would deliver significantly greater economic benefits than Northwestern’s current proposal — including an additional 600 temporary jobs, 980 permanent jobs and $1.1 million in annual tax revenues.

The recently unveiled alternative reuse proposals envision the construction of the desired research space at an adjacent location and the rehabilitation of Prentice into an auxiliary facility supporting medical research and other university functions.

Each counter-proposal accommodated Northwestern’s stated space and facilities needs and incorporated space use recommendations for Prentice based on a study by Loebl Schlossman & Hackl Healthcare Consultants.

Profiles for each reuse alternative are available here:


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